Create Custom Online Quizzes, Assessments, and Surveys

Automated scoring and user feedback.
Grow your email marketing list by integrating with AWeber, MailChimp and hundreds more.
Engage with Prospects. Provide Value. Establish Trust.


Offer Assessments

Effortlessly and ethically draw leads to your business using a marketing strategy you will finally feel good about.


Provide Results

By providing customized results you engage with potential clients and provide value.


Convert to Clients

This establishes a trusted relationship which you can build on to convert leads to clients.

Gain Credibility, Engage Clients, Provide Value
Gain Credibility, Engage Clients, Provide Value

Provide your clients and prospects specific, relevant advise based on their responses to your assessment.

Your analysis demonstrates your expertise and establishes credibility.

Understand, Target, Personalize
Understand, Target, Personalize

Use assessments to gain insights into your clients' unique needs and problems.

Target your marketing to demonstrate that you understand your clients on a personal level.

Score in Multiple Categories
Score in Multiple Categories

Assign questions to categories and give users a unique score in each category.

Identify areas of strength or weakness. Direct clients to the right product based on their category.

Integrate with Your CRM Software
Integrate with Your CRM Software

Send leads generated by your assessment to MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Aweber, and other CRM Systems. Automatically.

Use the score the user received on your assessment to segment your list and target your marketing.

Your Brand, Your Content
Your Brand, Your Content

Customize your assessment with the color scheme and logos of your business.

Use your branding and caption when you share your assessment on social media.

Deliver Immediate Results
Deliver Immediate Results

Customize results with your expert analysis of users' answers and scores.

Results are delivered automatically. Users receive a customized report containing their results.

Uses for Assessments
  • arrow_drop_down_circleLead Generation
    Quizzes and Surveys are proven ways to attract visitors. Assessments, which provide users with a score and custom feedback, are even better. Your expert feedback is something of value that they get for free, making your followup marketing more likely to succeed.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleEmployment Screening
    Create an assessment containing employment pre-screening questions and save time by focusing on high-scoring applicants.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleDirect Customers to the Right Product
    Use an assessment to help your customers decide which of your products best meets their needs.